• Santa Clara Ranch Rules
    • A Liability Release Form must be signed before access to the ranch/blinds is granted.
    • New visitors are required a guide. Read guide policy below.
    • Use of tobacco products is prohibited on the ranch.
    • No firearms are permitted anywhere on the ranch.
    • Speed limit is 20 mph on all ranch roads.
    • No littering.
    • If you find it here it stays here. Artifacts, perches, arrowheads, deer horns, etc. are the property of Santa Clara Ranch.
    • Leave things the way you found them. Clear all the blind areas of perches, props, etc. once you are done photographing.
    • No driving off the roads.
    • Do not cut brush, tree branches, etc. without the permission of your guide or ranch staff.
    • Handling of wildlife is not permitted. Do not capture, restrain any animal without approval of your guide or ranch staff.
    • Stay clear of poisonous and dangerous animals (rattlesnakes, black widows, etc.).
    • Photographing bird nests is strictly prohibited.
    • Use of Bird Calls is not permitted during nesting season (April 1st thru July 31st). Consult your guide and/or ranch staff for permission.
    • Alcoholic beverages are allowed only at the guesthouse if you are of legal age and drink responsibly.
    • Your guide and/or ranch staff are final authority on all the rules on the property. Consult us if you have any questions regarding what is permitted or not.


  • Santa Clara Ranch Policies
    • One half deposit is required at time of booking and remaining balance is due upon arrival at ranch. Deposit are fully refundable up to 30 days before arrival. After that the deposit is not refundable but can be applied to a rescheduled date.
    • Exclusive use of the ranch is granted when booking 6 or more shooters. Fewer shooters may have to share the facility with other photographers visiting the ranch.
    • First time visitors to the ranch are required to have a guide. All of our guides are professional photographers who know the ranch intimately and know the South Texas flora and fauna extensively. Your guide will help keep you safe from the known hazards (poisonous snakes, poisonous insects, extreme heat, etc.) and will help you get the most out of your visit by helping you with setups and instructing you on the local animals and their behavior. Our guides have extensive knowledge on where are the best places to place your perches and how to do successful setups. If you are targeting a specific species of bird or animal, your guides will teach you where and how to attract that specific bird or animal.
      To contact one of the Santa Clara Ranch Photographer Guides click here to visit our contact page.
    • The guides and ranch staff have the right to end a photographer's stay at any time for unacceptable behavior, violation of ranch rules or any other reason. Refund will be made for unused days only.
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