• Use of Ranch
    • $110.00 per person per day.
    • Includes access to all 6 blinds on the property and the use of our guesthouse during the day.
    • Daily use of ranch fee does not include the guide fee.
  • Overnight Stay at Guesthouse
    • $55.00 per person per night
  • Meals and Maid Service
    • $55.00/day per person.
    • Only available for groups of 4 or more people staying 3 or more days.
    • Continental breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    • Includes daily cleanup of house and bedrooms.
  • We offer discounts for groups of 4 or more people staying multiple days. Contact us to arrange pricing.
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  • Guides - **NEW Guide Policy**
    • If you are a first time visitor to Santa Clara Ranch you are required to have a guide. All of our guides are professional photographers who know the ranch intimately and know the South Texas flora and fauna extensively. Your guide will help keep you safe from the known hazards (poisonous snakes, poisonous insects, extreme heat, etc.) and will help you get the most out of your visit by helping you with setups and instructing you on the local animals and their behavior. Our guides have extensive knowledge on where are the best places to place your perches and how to do successful setups. If you are targeting a specific species of bird or animal, your guides will teach you where and how to attract that specific bird or animal.
    • Guide fees:
      • 1 person - $125.00/day
      • 2 persons - $100.00/day per person
      • 3 persons - $85.00/day per person
      • 4 or more persons - $75.00/day per person
    • To contact one of the Santa Clara Ranch Photographer Guides click here to visit our contact page.
  • Ranch Rules and Policies
    • For a Complete list of Ranch Rules and Policies click here.
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