Photo Blind being constructed.

In 2008 after acquiring Santa Clara Ranch, Dr. Beto Gutierrez decided to convert it into a full time photography opportunity. He related his ideas to several well known nature photographers and one, Larry Ditto, generously offered to help him with the layout of the blinds and water places.

He visited other photography ranches to get ideas of permanent blinds and came back to Santa Clara with plans to build the perfect photography friendly ground blinds. The result were two morning and two evening blinds located in front of small watersites. The blinds are lined with water resistant lumber, insulated roofs, carpet lined floors and spacey enough to accommodate up to 6-7 photographers. The photographer, sitting in a folding chair in the blind, will have his lens lined up at ground and water level waiting for wildlife to appear. The blinds have been very successful and minor changes have been made as new ideas come to mind.

Santa Clara also has an above ground blind devoted solely to shooting raptors. I has exceeded expectation with raptors coming to a perch 40 feet away and the photographer getting his images at eye level with the birds. The background is not a bright sky but a muted green setting.

Visiting Photographers inside Blind.

Photo Blind Setup.

Waterhole in front of blind gets you right up to the action.

The blinds will accomodate any size photographer.

The elevated raptor blind.

Nene, our ranch foreman, builds and maintains all of the blinds.
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